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Osburn 3500 Wood Stove

Starting at $2,599.00  Specifically designed to face the rigor of winter, the Osburn 3500 is an essential for any spacious home, especially in harsh weather conditions. Despite its emissions below 2.0 g/h, this wood stove utilizes a user-friendly, non-catalytic technology as well as a significant reduction of fuel consumption. The unit features a firebox that can hold up to 50 lb of cordwood, as well as a blower, a thermodisc and an airmate for optimal heat distribution and unparalleled comfort.

A choice of door overlay, a fire screen, a glass ash lip are available as options.


  • Heating area :1,000 - 2,700 Ft2

  • Maximum heat output :110,000 BTU/h (32.2 kW)

Osburn 3500 Wood Stove

Door Overlay Brushed Nickel or Black

Brushed Nickel Door
Black Door
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