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Osburn 2000 Wood Stove

Starting at $1,999.00  Year after year, the 2000 model remains one of the most popular wood stoves in the Osburn range.

In 2018, Osburn redefines the design of this heating appliance and sets new standards for emissions. This new version keeps its 2.4 cubic foot combustion chamber and still offers the same power with an impressive emission performance of around 1.54 g/h. With this model, the 130 CFM fan is still included; unquestionably the best opportunity this season!

Its new cast iron door gives a youthful look with elegant lines while retaining the spirit of wood heating. Customize your appliance to suit your décor: refined door overlays, new leg designs, glass ash lip with integrated ash pan; significant innovations for the most seasoned experts.


  • Heating area :1,000 - 2,700 Ft2

  • Maximum heat output :110,000 BTU/h (32.2 kW)

Osburn 3500 Wood Stove

Door Overlay Brushed Nickel or Black

Brushed Nickel Door
Black Door
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