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Prelude LBM Grills

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The Prelude LBM Grill is perfect for every level of griller.  The durable  searing rods enhance your grilling experience and allow you to sear steaks while preventing your vegetables from rolling away. The stainless steel heat zone separators allow for different cooking zones across the grilling surface. This adds to your grilling experience, creating separate zones that can be used for different styles of cooking. The flame stabilizing grid minimizes flare-ups while you enjoy your Blaze grill and the full-width drip tray makes clean up a breeze. The 304 stainless steel grill hood is double-lined to protect the outer layer from heat discoloration, keeping your Blaze grill looking shiny and new! This heavy-duty grill is built to last a lifetime and is approved for Multi-User Setting as well so that you know that no matter where you grill, your Blaze is built to last.

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Prelude LBM Blaze Grills offer a combination of solid engineering, quality stainless steel construction, and commercial grade cast stainless steel burners to help ensure your Blaze Grill will last for years and provide maximum performance.


• 304 Stainless Steel Construction

• Double Lined Hood

• 8mm Stainless Steel Rod Cooking Grates

• 14,000 BTU Commercial Cast Stainless         Steel Burners

• Heat Zone Separators

• Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flame Tamers

• Full Size Drip Tray

• Built In Thermometer

• Warming Rack Included

• Push N’ Turn Flame Thrower Primary Ignition

• Secondary Manual Flash Tube Ignition

• 10,000 BTU Infrared Rear Burner (32” and 40”)

• Matching Side Burner Available

• Available NG or LP (Ships with opposite gas conversion kit) • Lifetime Warranty

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Removable Heat Zone Separators

Heat zone separators help seclude a cooking area to maintain varying temperature zones.

Push N’ Turn Flame Thrower Primary Ignition w/Backup Flash Tube

Simply push in the control knobs and ignite each burner individually.

Perforated Flame Stabilizing Grids Designed to minimize flare-ups, the perforated flame stabilizing grids also serve as excellent protection for the burners below.

304 Stainless Steel Components & Double Lined Hood Heavy duty stainless steel components allow your grill to last a lifetime

Commercial Grade Cast Stainless Steel Burners

Each burner delivers an impressive 14,000 BTUs of cooking power.


Item #          #of burners        BTU's        Main BTU's     Cooking surface      Infrared Back Burner         Rotisserie Kit    

BLZ-3 (25")                           3                      14,000 BTU                42,000                              560 sq. in.                                        not available                             Not Available

BLZ-4 (32")                           4                      14,000 BTU                56,000                              740 sq. in.                                     Yes, 10,000 BTU                     Available Accessory

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